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Kasper Hauser’s first book – a surreal parody of the in-flight catalog. Llamacyles, Stroller-Mowers, Hummingbird Poisoners, etc.

Nigerian Scammer Letters

The following is an actual exchange between Kasper Hauser (“Jock Plenary”) and a Nigerian e-mail scammer (“Justice Shaish”).


Mr. Justice Shaish,

I have read the terrible things that have
happened with your financial situation in Nigeria, and
I would like to help—IF YOU CAN GUARANTEE that i
would make some money to cover my costs. I am retired
from the railroad business for 37 years, and I know a
scam when I see one; I also have been able to save a
large amount of money over the last 40 years. I must
admit, I’m a little nervous doing business over the
internet. I could also travel if need be to a neutral
location or to Nigeria, if needed. What would be the
next step in helping you guys out?

Jock Plenary, CEO
San Fertando Valley Agricultural Bank
California 98-0982

Attn: Jock Plenary,

I acknowlede the receipt of your mail and i am very

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Our alternate-universe craigslist.

MaxFunCon 2009

June 12th

Kasper Hauser get kudos for taking [SkyMall] to new levels of absurdity.”

~ The Village Voice

"... a hilarious and wildly inventive spoof ..."

~ Time Out New York

Soaring Satire. The SkyMall catalog … is no longer the fertile comedy ground it was last month. Similar to the way The Onion locked up the fake news article, comedy troupe Kasper Hauser has now given us the definitive airborne catalog parody, SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy from a Plane, much to everyone’s jealous rage. The excellent humor runs from cover-your-eyes funny to give-yourself-a-bruise funny, but I also suspect it might be, depending on the health of your colon, shit-yourself funny.

~ San Francisco Weekly

… brilliantly funny …”

~ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Screeches of hysterical laughter have echoed through the Guardian cubicles ever since the arrival of Kasper Hauser’s catalog spoof, SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy from a Plane. Imagine SkyMall (ya know, from the seat pocket in front of you) but with deliciously twisted items like the Crack Pipe Chess Set, the Louis XIV Fart Chair, and the Food Fight of the Month Club — all lovingly illustrated with full-color photos and snarky, snarky text …. Your ass is guaranteed to be laughed off.”

~ San Francisco Bay Guardian