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Glinder & Glinder: Weddings


"Weddings of the Times" on "All Things Considered"


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A videoblog from the 14th century by Jacobus: falconer, dung-shoveler, tamer of wenches.

Jun 8th, 2009

A big week for Kasper Hauser

We’re thrilled to announce that our two new books — “Obama’s Blackberry” and “Weddings of the Times” — are officially in bookstores today and tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, June 8/9. We’re proud of these two new additions to the KH oeuevrer (sp?) and we hope you like them. Please ask your local bookstore to order, and tell a friend, too. (You can order both at Amazon, or the online retailer of your choice, by going to the “Books” page on this web site).

For a preview of “Obama’s Blackberry” check this out: http://www.firstblackberry.com/

For a preview of “Weddings,” check out this story from NPR’s “All Things Considered”.

And how about this new web site? It’s the fruit of the brilliant siamese wombs of Scott Gagner and Dan Kurtz. Thanks guys!

Check back for more updates soon.

Jun 7th, 2009

New Stuff!

— O’s Blackberry on FoxNews.com
— "Weddings of the TImes" on NPR’s "All Things Considered"
— "Obama’s Blackberry" review in LA Times book blog
— A new KH video

Skymaul Flipbook

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Kasper Hauser

Kasper Hauser, a San Francisco-based comedy group, is (L to R) Dan Klein, James Reichmuth, (former member) John, and Rob Baedeker. They perform and produce live shows, digital content, and books. The group’s work has been produced by the BBC, HBO digital and "This American Life."

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Houston, we have a probletunity

Dan is a card-carrying magician and a career mindreader who directed “Rag Soup’s Sunshine Boys” at the Bit ‘n’ Pendulum Playhouse near La Cienega.



Let your heart free

James holds the Guiness Book Record for throwing a checker the length of the Queen Mary. His hobbies are pigs and math and cats.



Jumping over the bar of success and then raising it behind you

Rob is the runner up of last year’s HardeeBoyz WhoDunnit Peach Pit Blowout. He received a honorary degree in General Studies from Computer Institutes in Dong Ha.

The group members are all excellent jazz musician in their own right. Their solo and group album credits include:

Coming On Downtown to Midnight, The Sweexer Sessions, A Dollar Per Note Per Minute, Requiem for a Shit, Lost in the Miracle of the Many Mancesters, Where Do I Go After Here?, Sometimes Somewhere Somebody Gotta 27291199!, Milkman from Waaay Back (Way Downtown), Juice it JungleBender, Mental Kegels, 2 Nite Tuba Gonna B Mine, Bulletproof Unicorn (Live), Blues Train Backin’ Up, PENAZ!, The Shandy Swill Lullabies, Verbeena, Nicky’s Gotta Humpin’ Eye, Victor & Victor & Victor, Sunday Thumpin’ with Li’l Lizerd, Freedom Slide Whistle, The Load (remix), Pumpin’ Up Gettin’ Down, Chicken Soup for Getting Your Joint Slopped, Chanukah in CHonolulu, Meter Maids and Meter Misters, Dark Side of Darth Vader.