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Ep. 20: Holmes and Watson in The Trial


SkyMaul 2

St. Martin's Press 2014

The towering sequel to a “comedy classic” (Austin Chronicle), SkyMaul 2 picks up where its “brilliantly funny” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) predecessor left off. Bursting with boatloads of fantastic stuff—from the Catbox Viewing Dome to the Bullet-Allowing Vest—SkyMaul 2 will win your laughter with humor that sparkles as it cleans.

Jul 26th, 2014

SkyMaul 2 is Here!

Apr 16th, 2013

Limited Edition Wearable Diploma!

Pre-order “Earn Your MBA on the Toilet” now and receive this limited-edition, signed-by-Kasper-Hauser diploma that you can wear on your face!

Earn Your MBA on the Toilet

Ten Speed/Random House, May 2013

$$$ Join the 1% … without leaving your toilet! With Kasper Hauser’s new system you’ll earn a *real* degree that is definitely, literally on par with the big guys—basically. $$$

DONT BUY THIS BOOK! It makes you rich but very strange.” — John Hodgman