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Apr 16th, 2013

Limited Edition Wearable Diploma!

Pre-order “Earn Your MBA on the Toilet” now and receive this limited-edition, signed-by-Kasper-Hauser diploma that you can wear on your face!

Feb 9th, 2013


Nov 7th, 2011

One-Stop Holiday Shopping: The Kasper Hauser T-Shirt

Available at the MaxFun store.

Aug 31st, 2011

Humor Writing Class with Kasper Hauser at the SF Grotto, starts Sept. 19!

KH’s own Rob and James will be teaching a 6-week humor-writing workshop at the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto. Please come join us to learn all the tips, tricks and nutritional secrets that helped us write books that won reviews from George Saunders (positive), David Foster Wallace (positive) and Joe Biden’s press secretary (mixed).


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