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This quartet is one of the few comedy teams which has rightfully earned the description ‘Pythonesque’; bouncing from one bizarre idea to another … the foursome’s show combines a hyperactive imagination with an inspired sense of lunacy.”

~ Time Out New York

…howlingly funny…”


destined for comic greatness … bizarre collective brilliance”

~ San Francisco Chronicle

Their comedy is smart without being too cerebral, but it’s really their wonderful surrealist streak, played with convictions so strong, that makes you willing to follow them off the bridge again and again.”

~ Beth Lisick, SFGate

Arguably the best sketch comedy group in the country.”

~ SF

* Best Comedy Podcast nominee, Rooftop Comedy
* iTunes Best Podcast selection
* Podcast of the week, Times of London

~ Awards

Brilliant/highbrow …”

~ New York magazine’s approval matrix

Wonderfully realized … very silly and great fun.”

~ The Times of London

… madly funny, full of wild invention …”

~ George Saunders

…bang-up hilarious. A wicked parody of those ultra-slick catalogues so ubiquitous on commercial airliners, “Sky Maul” is full of weird stuff you can’t buy, because it doesn’t exist. If it only it did … Extremely irreverent and emphatically R-rated, “Sky Maul” is a kick. Move over, National Lampoon.”

~ The Seattle Times

Screeches of hysterical laughter have echoed through the Guardian cubicles ever since the arrival of Kasper Hauser’s catalog spoof, SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy from a Plane. Imagine SkyMall (ya know, from the seat pocket in front of you) but with deliciously twisted items like the Crack Pipe Chess Set, the Louis XIV Fart Chair, and the Food Fight of the Month Club — all lovingly illustrated with full-color photos and snarky, snarky text …. Your ass is guaranteed to be laughed off.”

~ San Francisco Bay Guardian

… brilliantly funny …”

~ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Soaring Satire. The SkyMall catalog … is no longer the fertile comedy ground it was last month. Similar to the way The Onion locked up the fake news article, comedy troupe Kasper Hauser has now given us the definitive airborne catalog parody, SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy from a Plane, much to everyone’s jealous rage. The excellent humor runs from cover-your-eyes funny to give-yourself-a-bruise funny, but I also suspect it might be, depending on the health of your colon, shit-yourself funny. It’s the kind of book to read slowly and cautiously, as items like the Divorced Dad “Pancake Time” Trumpet — “Tell them to rise and shine by blowing some bullshit on this Austrian parade trumpet” — prompt explosive belly laughs that could dislodge your liver. Although you can’t actually purchase Christian Over-the-Clothes Massage Lotion, Our Worst-Selling Motocross Boots, and a Real Dolphin (“Tell all the naysayers to suck it!”), the book comes with large, colorful, fucked-up photos that’ll make old people think they can.”

~ San Francisco Weekly

Welcome to the world of SkyMaul, an absurdist parallel-universe version of those high-altitude shopping tomes …”

~ Time Out New York

Kasper Hauser get kudos for taking [SkyMall] to new levels of absurdity.”

~ The Village Voice

Like recent compendiums put out by The Onion, Sky Maul is a social book, destined to be shared and handed around at gatherings …”

~ The Austin Chronicle

a “smart, warped spoof …”

~ San Jose Mercury News

Wicked funny …”

~ San Francisco Chronicle

The comedy troupe Kasper Hauser has tapped into this potential motherlode of parody with SkyMaul … a note-perfect, naughty takeoff that features such overpriced ‘necessities’ as the Hot Dog Shooter’ … ”

~ Penthouse

This year, only two books have made me laugh until tears ran down my face: John Hodgman’s The Areas of My Expertise, and this parody of the hideous SkyMall catalog, appropriately titled SkyMaul.”


The perfect sendup … With 120 pages of fodder, it’s hard to pick a favorite”