"This quartet is one of the few comedy teams which has rightfully earned the description 'Pythonesque'; bouncing from one bizarre idea to another (a restaurant in which every item involves a pony’s head), the foursome’s show combines a hyperactive imagination with an inspired sense of lunacy."

Time Out New York

"destined for comic greatness ... bizarre collective brilliance"

San Francisco Chronicle

"Their comedy is smart without being too cerebral, but it's really their wonderful surrealist streak, played with convictions so strong, that makes you willing to follow them off the bridge again and again."

Beth Lisick, SFGate

Press from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
"The funniest, most innovative act I encountered at this year's Fringe."

The Scotsman

"I thought I knew what surreal was before I watched this quartet of Dada-ist San Franciscan sketch artists.
I didn't even have the first idea ... Every single slick metropolitan sketch show - full of deadpanning Oxbridge students - should be made to sit down in front of Kasper Hauser before they are ever allowed near a stage again."

The Herald

"Kasper Hauser treads its own unbeaten path of comic genius."

—Fringe Report

"... box-fresh stuff, cripplingly funny, mad as a balloon and delivered with the aggressive conviction of lunatics ... you spend every second screaming and clutching your belly."

The Sunday Herald

"... a four man Vaudeville-from-Hell show out of San Francisco that'll rock your world. ... By the time you reach the climax, you'll wonder what the heck you've seen and be clamouring for more."

—Three Weeks

"This was marvelous ... watch Kasper Hauser before they become a sensation."

—Radio Forth One

"… dense, dazzling comedy sketches ... The show continually surprises with its oddly angled perspectives."

—The Stage