"... madly funny, full of wild invention ..." —George Saunders

"... fiendishly funny ..."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Best Satirical Book" SF Weekly
"A San Francisco comedy troupe has unleashed its dark humor on in-flight catalogs. SkyMaul has everything you never knew you didn't want, from Llamacycles to Banana-ganizers. And it might be the funniest thing you read this year."
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SkyMaul reviews:

"... a wicked sense of the absurd and a pitch-perfect ear ... " [more]
The Austin Chronicle

a "smart, warped spoof ..." [more]
San Jose Mercury News

"And as far as parody books go, they don’t get much better than SkyMaul, a laugh-yourself-retarded collection of fake catalog products ..."
VH1 The Best Week Ever.TV

"... the perfect sendup ..." [more]
—Patrick Smith, Salon.com

... a note-perfect, naughty takeoff ..."

"... brilliantly funny ..."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"... a hilarious and wildly inventive spoof ... "

Time Out New York

"... deliciously twisted ..." [more]
SF Bay Guardian

"The excellent humor runs from cover-your-eyes funny to give-yourself-a-bruise funny, but I also suspect it might be, depending on the health of your colon, s#$!-yourself funny. " [more]
SF Weekly

"Kasper Hauser get kudos for taking [SkyMall] to new levels of absurdity."
The Village Voice
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"... wet-your-pants funny ... "
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Let award-winning comedy troupe Kasper Hauser transport you into the sublime universe that is SkyMaul, where Banana-ganizers and Reality-Canceling Headphones coexist with Crack Pipe Chess Sets and Llamacycles. More than just a catalog parody, SkyMaul explodes with razor-sharp wit, boundless creativity, and a keen eye for the absurd.
VIDEO: The Answer to Camel Toe

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